Rehabilitation Package

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The goal of Ayurvedic rehabilitation is to help you get your abilities back and regain independence. Dr.Sarav’s Dhanvandhiri Vaidyasala has specific goals for each person. Ayurveda helps to recover from alcohol and drug addiction, stroke, through unique ancient treatments, herbal remedies, cleansing and diet.
Ayurveda helps to recover with Therapy, herbal oils, internal medicine in specific combination to help each individual.
Our unique types of Rehabilitation:

  •  1- Joints rehabilitation (Pain relief, strengthening of bones and Lubrication of joints).
  •  2- Nerve rehabilitation (Pain relief, Improving the mobility).
  •  3- Muscular rehabilitation (Pain relief, Relaxation of muscle, strenthening the muscle fibres and ligaments).
  •  4- Gut cleansing ( removing toxins, germs, parasites and correcting the ability of absorption).
  •  5- Liver cleansing (removing toxins from alcohol and other drug consumption and improve the Pitha Damage).
  •  6- Lung cleansing (cleansing the Lung from toxins of tobacco and air pollutions improve the ability to observe more oxygen).

Ayurvedic therapies for rehabilitation:

  •  Abhyangam (full body rejuvenating oil massage).
  •  Shirothara (de-stress through flow of medicated oil on the fore head).
  •  Shirovasti (nervous rejuvenation through retained medicinal oil in head).
  •  Basti (Using herbal to detoxify colon).
  •  Kati vasti (relieving the muscles and loosening tense joints in the back).
  •  Janu vasti (relieving and loosening tense joints in the knee).
  •  Pichu (very beneficial oil therapy for any body part).
  •  Thakradhara (relieve insomnia, depression and grey hair).

Important Notes***

  •  The above set of Therapies are general set of treatments for Cleansing package.
  •  Actual treatment may vary according to your age, medical condition, dosha imbalance or our doctors opinion and the duration of treatment you desire.
  •  Please read our (link for therapy details) page for more details of the treatment.
  •  Cleansing Program is not advisable to those who are pregnant or feeding mother. Patients with severe alcohol or drug addiction, severe diseases or major organ disorder needs doctor's recommendation.

Farm Life Style

Our farm timeline is ideally prepared to accommodate diet, yoga, meditation, and Therapies, yet also a relaxed time in natural ambience. Ayurvedic Therapy for stress management will change after every session completion and timing wary between 7 am to 7 pm, depending on particular day.

Daily schedule :
  •  06:00 am: Meditation* (Optional)
  •  06:30 am: Herbal Drinks
  •  07:00 am: Yoga* (Optional)
  •  09:00 am: Breakfast
  •  01:00 pm: Lunch
  •  04.00 pm: Yoga* (Optional)
  •  06.00 pm: Nature Walk
  •  07.00 pm: Dinner
Package includes :
  •  Daily one Ayurveda Therapy, around one hour.
  •  All Ayurvedic medication provided (in case of need).
  •  Daily one Yoga session, seven days per week.
  •  All Naturopathic /vegetarian meals and drinks from Darshan Cafe.
  •  Individual Accommodation in Air conditioned rooms with attached bathroom.
  •  Complimentary Wi-Fi.
  •  Evening Farm walk, occasional programs like acupuncture, physiotherapy etc on need basis.

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